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Acne Treatment

Blu-U Acne Treatment

Take control of your acne, with Blu-U® Acne Photodynamic Therapy for moderate acne.

You may be an ideal candidate for Blu-U Light Treatments if you have moderate acne and are seeking a drug-free and antibiotic-free treatment.


How it Works

Just beneath the skin lie hundreds of tiny glands called sebaceous glands. They excrete an oily substance called sebum, to keep the skin healthy. However, the tiny pathway for the sebum to escape often becomes clogged, and a bacterium grows inside. In a short time, the area swells up, and forms a pimple on the skin.

Blu-U Blue light photodynamic therapy acts by treating the root cause of acne, the bacteria. The blue light affects the bacteria, not the normal tissue. 

Treatments are simple - first, a photosensitizing agent (Levulan®) is applied to your skin. Then 30 minutes later, you simply sit with your face close to the Blu-U light. Typically, treatment sessions are approximately 15 minutes long twice a week for 4 weeks. 



Patients may experience some temporary reddening and minimal swelling of the acne and surrounding skin. Reddening will disappear usually after 1-2 weeks, and swelling will be gone after 2 to 7 days. 

After a treatment session, patients may immediately return to their daily routine; however, the skin is very sensitive to sunlight for 1 to 2 days after treatment. For the first 24 hours patients should avoid sun exposure, and then apply a minimum of an SPF 30 for the following weeks. Sunscreen must be applied, to ensure that there is no tanning during the course of treatment.



By following the treatment plan, you'll see maximum results and enjoy clearer skin. The blue light can control your acne, or clear it up for a very long period. For optimum results, a maintenance treatment session once a month is recommended after completion of the initial series.

Acne affects men and women of all ages. Many with persistent acne have tried numerous types of treatment with little success. Oasis Laser Skin Clinic offers the newest acne-treatment options: medical, laser, and light treatments.

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